Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My dress has arrived!

My wedding dress has finally arrived. Although, I shouldn't say 'finally' as it has arrived a month before it was scheduled to arrive. I don't know quite how I feel about it - realized (as I was sick of trying on size 6 dresses onto a not of a size 6 body).

I have decided that trying on wedding dresses is the most awful thing in the world. There are a limited number sizes available as samples. This was actually a really cute dress - for an outdoor wedding (tried on at Altar Bound Bridals).

This was one of about 45 dresses that I tried on before I found "the one." I really like my dress and I purchases it from Madison Avenue Bridal in Covington, KY.

While all of the stores that I worked with on my dress hunt all had wonderfule salespeople, I especially liked the people at Madison Avenue.

They talked to me, asked me what I had tried and what I thought that I wanted. They told me to look around the store and then, based on our brief conversation, they started finding me dresses they thought that I might like or that might look nice on me.

When I tried on a dress that I didn't like or they didn't like - they were honest (refreshing because a lot of the salespeople kept telling me that i was beautiful in dresses that most definitely were not).

Plus, their dresses were wonderful and different than a lot of the dresses that I had seen in other stores. I really feel that a lot of thought and preparation when into selecting the dresses that they carry and that the people love what they do.

I can't wait to pick-up my dress this weekend.

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