Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Post Office and I are no longer friends

As some of you might know, I have some control issues over very minor and minute things. For example, I am completely comfortable letting Rob plan our honeymoon without my assistance. On the other hand, when he was showing some of the websites he is using to finalize our plans, I couldn't stand the way he was clicking on the link and I had to take over the driving seat for the computer.

That said, unfortunately, I have to use the US Post Office to mail our invitations (which makes me miss hand delivery methods of Victorian England). I prepared a sample invitation, including all inserts. I went to the local post office to have them weigh and measure the envelopes so I could the necessary purchase. The envelop is 1.2oz which meant I had to put on the $0.59 stamp.

Rob's mom and sister and my friend Anu come that weekend to assist me with addressing the envelopes. It is apparently well known that my handwriting is barely legible. In fact, Rob's dad told me the other day that my poor handwriting made him feel good about his doctor scratches.

I spend the week stamping all of the envelopes and brought them to the post off this past Thursday. Where I am told that the envelopes are over sized and must now be mailed as a "large envelope." For and additional 41 cents.

I don't necessarily have a problem with the cost of mailing the invitations (although, Bekah, if you read this, make sure that your invitations can fit in a size 10 envelope). I have a problem in the fact that I went to the Post Office to make sure that we had the correct postage so that I would not need to have to put on multiple stamps.

Now, rather than having our invitations mailed out this week like we planned, we get to spend Saturday morning at the Main Post Office where we will have the invitations reweighed and remeasured and more than likely, restamped.

This is similar to what our invitations look like - expect to see them as soon as the Post Office and I settle our differences.