Monday, November 09, 2009

Notre Dame Game Weekend

Rob and I discovered that it is much easier to take a CLE at Notre Dame than it is to enter the lottery and hope we get tickets to a game. This weekend was our annual trip to South Bend to obtain our two credits (FRCP and Labor updates - taught by two exceptional professors) and get our game tickets.

I should have known the game was going to be less than exceptional when we discovered that the lot in which we have parked for the last three years had suddenly been transformed into closed lot on game day. The lot that was suggested to us was approximately a billion miles away from the law school and didn't open until after the CLE started.

Taking our changes, we approached the guard shack and requested additional information on where we might park for the CLE. While Rob discussed options with the guard, I watched as a line of tow trucks removed cars that were parked in a lot that had an eerily similar sign as to our old lot. When ND says no parking after 6am, they really mean no parking.

We were able to score a suitable parking pass. Rob let me off to register and he went on his merry way to park the car - and was stopped no less than four times in in a quarter mile with requests to check his pass and verify if his name was on "the list." Apparently, we had scored an "invitation only" parking lot pass.

By the law of karma, getting a good parking space destroyed our chances of a victory over Navy.

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