Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Breakfast

As you may be aware, I work a lot of hours and I rarely find time to do the dishes and do the cooking. As I hate doing laundry more than I hate cooking and dishes, our current arrangement has me doing the bulk of the cooking and dishes with Horn doing the laundry and ironing.

For the most part it works although I think that he has more clothes than me so his need to do laundry is less pressing than my desire for him to do laundry.

Regardless of the dish or laundry situation, on weekends I really like to cook one substantial meal. I sometimes see it as a quasi-bribe for Horn to do things like go to IKEA with me. It usually works.

As you are probably unaware, I love reading cookbooks. I like checking them out from the library and pouring over recipes that I want to make as well as ones that I know would never fly with my more picky eating husband (to his credit, since being diagnoses as a diabetic, his eating habits have been enlightened).

My most recent library finds include the 2009 Southern Living Cookbook (from which I made what I am coining "Fat Elvis Bread Pudding") and Gourmet (sadly no longer published as a magazine).

While Gourmet has very interesting recipes, I find a lot of their recipes unapproachable or just plain weird (where can you even buy aspic?). That said, I fell in love with a few of the recipes - especially breakfast.

While I loved "Cowboy Breakfast," it was a little too big for Horn and I but the Baked Eggs with Cheese was perfect for the two of us (down graded from six eggs to four eggs).

The Baked Eggs were absolutely perfect. I used a gruyere & swiss blend (purchases from Trader Joe's) and baked my eggs in a 8x8 pan. While the eggs still came out well, being served "family style" wasn't the easiest way to eat this dish. I would definitely steer any other cook towards using the ramekins.

For cooking time, granted I keep cast iron cookware in my stove so the temperatures might be off, mine took about 16 minutes compared to the 14 minutes suggested in the recipe. The egg white did puff up and turn nice and crispy. The yolks kind of sink into the whites and the cheese and creme fraiche create a nice gooey cover. Horn suggested that folding in ham or bacon (or his most favorite - pot roast hash from TJ) would make it even better. It is definitely worth considering.

This would be a great brunch dish - maybe even for Easter.

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