Monday, October 24, 2011

Hannabert is not a sleepy baby

Last night Horn, Hannabert, and I spent the night at Grandma/Grandpa B's house.  GmaB "volunteered" to watch Hannabert so Horn and I could attend a CLE (continuing legal education) during the day (8am to 4pm).

Unfortunately, despite the "trifecta" (Johnson &  Johnson Nighttime Lotion, baby on the chest, and gripe water), Hannabert was uninterested in sleeping.  There seems to be a magic window for Hannabert which is about 1:30am (give us a break, we work until 11pm and if you have a better idea of how to arrange it so that Horn and I have "normal" hours that would allow Hannabert to be in bed at a "normal" time, please, we are all ears).  Horn said that babytime was up until 3am.  Really unacceptable.

Any ideas on how to convince a baby to sleep?