Friday, November 11, 2011

Hannabert at 9 mths

Hannabert turned 9mths today.  We celebrated by taking him to eat at Hot Head Burritos.  He enjoyed playing with his rice, beans, and grabbing the rest of my burrito bowl with his fingers.

The last 9 months have really flown by so quickly.  Other than extreme sleep deficit (greater than the national deficit by far), life with him as been pretty great.  He is happy.  He likes to smile.  He likes to spend time with us (alas I know at some point as a teenager he will insist that we walk 100 paces behind him).  He likes to cuddle and snuggle us in the mornings.  He likes dogs.

He got his first tooth on 11/5/11 - a bottom one.  We try to brush it each morning.  He mostly likes to chew on the finger tooth brush.  

He is an avid crawler (went from sitting up to crawling on his own in a single 24 hr period) and can pull himself up using pretty much any semi-stable object (no necessarily a fixed object).

He loves the fish tank (so much that I told Horn last night he could buy a bigger one with a better base) and visiting the aquarium (both in Cincinnati and Gatlinburg).

Most of all, I know that he loves his dad and me.   

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