Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The most heartfelt gift

I posted yesterday about Hannabert's First Christmas.  At that time, Hannabert had not finished receiving gifts. One of the housekeeping staff at work had met Hannabert and had taken liking to him.  He often stops at Horn's cubicle to talk fathering (he has two grown children who have both finished college and are working on advance degrees).  He was married and his wife left him and was granted custody of their children (how novel in the 1980s).

He is still pro marriage but not for himself and provides wisdom for new  dads-to-be who work with him  (advocating breastfeeding!).  He saw me yesterday as I was doing my off-shift mentoring (I sit with new legal researchers and provide "advice"), and said that he had a small gift for Hannabert and proceeded to give me a small sum of money for "Hannabert's College Fund."

Wow!  How unexpected and how heartwarming to receive such a gift.

Wordless Wednesday - Bundled up in the cold

At Hannabert's First Clifton Mill light display


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hannabert's First Christmas

First, let me say that Horn and I deserve the "Parent of 2011" award; we forgot all of Hannabert's supplies (clothing and diapers) at home.  Horn thought that I had packed up the little guy's stuff in my bag and I know that I told him that Hannabert had his own suitcase.

Luckily Grandma B had some odds and ends of clothing that had been left down in Cincinnati before and I had one sleeper in my suitcase.  We ended up having enough clothing for the weekend (including a cute outfit for the Grandpa B's family party).

We wanted to get a Santa picture this year and thought that we would miss out as Grandma B's family party had already started before we had even left.  Luckily as we pulled into The Greene to go to Von Maur, we found out that Santa was taking a smaller lunch break than what we thought so Horn pushed me out of the car and had me stand in line while he parked (not really but he did suggest that I do it).

Santa was a hit.

We successfully made it to Grandma B's Family Party and will was a HUGE hit (none of the other little cousins were able to make it).  He received a wonderful Fisher Price Nativity Set. I had just become aware of this set and really wanted one and was planning on getting him one after Christmas.  Thanks to Auntie Linda, Hannabert got to play with his nativity on Christmas.  The hay was delicious.

We opened gifts with my family via Skype despite technical difficulties (my parents couldn't hear us; perhaps their sound was turned off...) before midnight mass.  Hannabert was really excited to seem them on the screen and was more interested in trying to play with Grandpa A than he was in the gifts.  He received some wonderful books, puzzles, and a train.  I was pretty stressed about the technical problems so we didn't get any pictures of him. 

Hannabert was very..."chatty" during mass and we spent most of the mass in the back of the church walking around with Hannabert wrapped in my Lana.  It was nice exercise for me.

The next morning, Hannabert woke to nurse and then I was able to put him back down for a morning nap.  Unfortunately, Horn and I were wide awake so we headed downstairs to make coffee and wait for the rest of the family to wake up.  We found Auntie Beth and Montana (her adopted greyhound) on the couch.  Apparently Montana didn't want to sleep in the basement if the rest of the family was upstairs.  Mom and Dad B were up shortly afterwards and we started the gift opening process.  We decided to let Hannabert sleep in as long as possible.

Hannabert woke-up in time for breakfast and then it was babytime fun!  He was interested in the gifts but had no interest in opening them.  Playing with them, yes.  He got so excited, he even stood on his own!

Christmas 2011 was exactly what Christmas is suppose to be about - being with loved one and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Monday, December 19, 2011

And how he has lost his gain...

Poor Hannabert caught a stomach bug this weekend. I should have known something was up when he didn't scream like we were taking away his puppy (no, we don't have one yet but my partner in crime is woking on it with me) and selling it to Cruella DeVille when we were eating. In fact, Horn and I got to eat an entire meal without Hannabert demanding bite for bite competition.

Hannabert literally spent the entire Sunday nursing. Literally the entire day. I got off the couch twice in 8 hrs. He perked up in time to keep dad awake until 4am but woke up out of it again this morning.

I know his tummy hurts but, even though I explain it in explicit terminilogy, he doesn't understand and can't tell me how bad it feels for him.

I know they make collars that interpret a dog's bark but I can't seem to find any similar type of baby apparrel.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hannabert makes a weight gain!

After falling off the weight chart (which are made by formula companies and thus reflect a baby formula fed rather than a breastfed baby) for the last five months, Hannabert is finally back on it.

Does he look like a skinny baby? We actually have friends who volunteered to vouch for his eating habits.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why don't you ever sleep?

Hannabert was awake all night. Literally awake from 1am until 7am. Happily awake. Playfully awake but awake. Look at him? Does he look evil?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The First Born...

Hannabert is the first grandchild on both sides of the family.  I know that both my parents and Horn's parents mean well but I have to say the most stressful times as parents is when we are visiting either set.  I always feel like the parenting choices (no cereal! BLW! no CIO!) are being judged and our experiences are being chalked up "first time parents syndrome."  I really hate it when my MIL takes Hannabert, who really wants to nurse and nap (which is very much OK in our house) and whisks him away to comfort him.  I know what he wants.  He wants me and I am very much OK with that.  To my parents, I don't like CIO.  Science agrees with me.  We won't be doing that.  I don't care if "we turned out just fine."  I want Hannabert to turn out better than "fine."  Exceptional would be nice.