Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The most heartfelt gift

I posted yesterday about Hannabert's First Christmas.  At that time, Hannabert had not finished receiving gifts. One of the housekeeping staff at work had met Hannabert and had taken liking to him.  He often stops at Horn's cubicle to talk fathering (he has two grown children who have both finished college and are working on advance degrees).  He was married and his wife left him and was granted custody of their children (how novel in the 1980s).

He is still pro marriage but not for himself and provides wisdom for new  dads-to-be who work with him  (advocating breastfeeding!).  He saw me yesterday as I was doing my off-shift mentoring (I sit with new legal researchers and provide "advice"), and said that he had a small gift for Hannabert and proceeded to give me a small sum of money for "Hannabert's College Fund."

Wow!  How unexpected and how heartwarming to receive such a gift.

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