Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Cry Room

Horn and I enjoy attending mass and want Hannabert to enjoy the experience as well.  He really isn't a "crier" at church but really more of a yodeler; he loves the sound his delighted shrieks make as they echo off the brick walls of our church.

What to do?  We go to the cry room (window and sound so we can experience the mass fully).  While we prefer to sit with the rest of the mass participants, we know that Hannabert isn't able yet to control his sounds.  What gets us though, is the fact that the cry room usually contains a family of girls who are of an age where they SHOULD be able to control themselves.

When they are not there, the other children are quiet and conscientious.  When the girls are there, not so much. They tend to encourage the other children to be more...vocal.

What do we do?  Do we tell the children to be quiet and still?  Do we ignore the behavior?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The irony of SOPA

I hate (most - some things are just wrong) censorship. People should have the right to express themselves freely (within limits and at an appropriate forum- Westboro Baptist Church has every right to protest whatever it is that they protest but I believe the rights of the fallen soliders should not be a catalyst or forum for their protests) even if I disagree with the message.

To protest SOPA, Google has even blocked out their name in protest and Craigslist's opening page talked about it yet, the internet is down at school and I cannot contact my congresspeople to express my opinion (and subsequently receive endless emails from congress people for whom I did not vote but now want to keep me in the loop).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

...Makes you stronger

Horn, Hannabert, and I have had a rough couple of weeks. Compared to the other parties involved, we are having a much easier time.

I am trying to spend 2012 drinking from the 1/2 full glass rather than the "barely covering the bottom of the glass" glass. This resolve has already been tested twice in rather significant ways.

While we will have our lives momentarily disrupted, our counterparts are having their lives reworked entirely. Our friends have asked if we are angry or upset and both Horn and I feel that these inconviences are minor in comparisons. Perhaps these are the motivating factors we need to ignite fires of changes in our lives...

As we look forward with optimism, we also keep the other families in our prayers that they may have their lives healed.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Bonding with Baby

All family members need to bond with a new baby in their own unique way. For me, it is through nursing. For Horn, it was morning with "baby on the chest," his term for co-sleeping in the morning.

Now that Hannabert is getting bigger, how we continue to enrich and grow the bonds we have establish have to change as well. For me, that is a little bit scary. I feel like a large part of my bond with Hannabert is as a result (of what feels to be) near constant nursing when we are together. I know that as he starts to explore his world more and starts to eat more solid food, his dependence on nursing will lessen. Yes, he will still nurse (until HE and I are ready to stop) for comfort and reassurance but he won't be reliant on me for his primary nutrition.

For Horn, Hannabert has already gotten a bit large to be baby on the chest; there are a lot more days with baby on the side now and it saddens him. Playin video games with a squirmy 11mth old is much different than playing with napping 2mth old. This doesn't mean that bonding is over or even that we no longer have to worry about whether or not Hannabert knows we are his parent. A new chapter is opening to us.
Horn has started reading books to Hannabert; not the traditional children's classics but Tom Clancy (as you can see by the photos, Hannabert was pretty excited to see what happened when John Ryan was ambushed in a hotel lobby) and other more adult books. Horn really enjoys when Hannabert makes "jokes" (sucking on noses, pretending to cuddle in order to reach a more desired object, etc)

Horn trying to make sure Hannabert doesn't fall while he reads an exciting passage from his novel
Hannabert squealing in delight as the bad guys go down
Horn trying to dissuade Hannabert from the remote - some exasperation on his face (just a tad)
Only time will tell our our relationship continue to grow and develop as Hannabert grows older and our lives change.  For now, I am going to enjoy my nursling and Horn is going to enjoy his baby on the chest.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Munchy Monday

My MIL is a fantastic cook (I would venture to say gourmet even) and always does wonderful weekend breakfasts. For New Years, I volunteered to make a Dutch Baby in her braiser. The recipe is basically fool proof and the results are stunning. We served it with fresh spritzed lemon juice and berries maserated with Splenda.

What do you think?

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Here's to an even better 2012

Well, 2012 started off un shabbily. Hannabert slept before midnight (only to shortly awaken and stay awake until 3:12) and has slept for about 6hrs now. Hopefully this is foretelling the year to come and we can expect more sleep in 2012!

Horn and I really didn't hammer out any resolutions other than for the three of us to continue to be happy and healthy. I would like us to continue to job search and potentially for Horn to use company funds to go back to school.

For Hannabert I am sure there will be many milestones to achieve (please let sleeping more than 6hrs at a time be one of them) including walking and talking.

For our families, we hope they continue in good health; some counsins in the works for Hannabert would we swell. We also hope that our parents are able to relax a bit more this year and be able to spend some time enjoying their new status of grandparents.

See, nothing too grand for the new hyear, just continued happiness and love.