Monday, January 09, 2012

Bonding with Baby

All family members need to bond with a new baby in their own unique way. For me, it is through nursing. For Horn, it was morning with "baby on the chest," his term for co-sleeping in the morning.

Now that Hannabert is getting bigger, how we continue to enrich and grow the bonds we have establish have to change as well. For me, that is a little bit scary. I feel like a large part of my bond with Hannabert is as a result (of what feels to be) near constant nursing when we are together. I know that as he starts to explore his world more and starts to eat more solid food, his dependence on nursing will lessen. Yes, he will still nurse (until HE and I are ready to stop) for comfort and reassurance but he won't be reliant on me for his primary nutrition.

For Horn, Hannabert has already gotten a bit large to be baby on the chest; there are a lot more days with baby on the side now and it saddens him. Playin video games with a squirmy 11mth old is much different than playing with napping 2mth old. This doesn't mean that bonding is over or even that we no longer have to worry about whether or not Hannabert knows we are his parent. A new chapter is opening to us.
Horn has started reading books to Hannabert; not the traditional children's classics but Tom Clancy (as you can see by the photos, Hannabert was pretty excited to see what happened when John Ryan was ambushed in a hotel lobby) and other more adult books. Horn really enjoys when Hannabert makes "jokes" (sucking on noses, pretending to cuddle in order to reach a more desired object, etc)

Horn trying to make sure Hannabert doesn't fall while he reads an exciting passage from his novel
Hannabert squealing in delight as the bad guys go down
Horn trying to dissuade Hannabert from the remote - some exasperation on his face (just a tad)
Only time will tell our our relationship continue to grow and develop as Hannabert grows older and our lives change.  For now, I am going to enjoy my nursling and Horn is going to enjoy his baby on the chest.

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