Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Cry Room

Horn and I enjoy attending mass and want Hannabert to enjoy the experience as well.  He really isn't a "crier" at church but really more of a yodeler; he loves the sound his delighted shrieks make as they echo off the brick walls of our church.

What to do?  We go to the cry room (window and sound so we can experience the mass fully).  While we prefer to sit with the rest of the mass participants, we know that Hannabert isn't able yet to control his sounds.  What gets us though, is the fact that the cry room usually contains a family of girls who are of an age where they SHOULD be able to control themselves.

When they are not there, the other children are quiet and conscientious.  When the girls are there, not so much. They tend to encourage the other children to be more...vocal.

What do we do?  Do we tell the children to be quiet and still?  Do we ignore the behavior?


  1. Well ... I used to get kind of judgey with families like that, but now I kind of assume that'll be me in a few years. Some kids are ready to behave pretty young, and others are still acting up years later. Some are ADD or have other disorders. And everyone's got the same right as you to be there.

    I say, thank your lucky stars there's a cry room at all, and ignore it. It helps if you can sit in front of that family rather than behind them.

    Since my "Mass experience" last week was sitting in a hallway by the bathrooms while faint sounds of the Mass drifted through ... I sure would be thankful for a cry room of any description.

    1. Thanks for replying. I am very happy our church has a cry room. They have recently changed the configuration which makes it a bit easier. I think maybe I misphrased the concern - mom doesn't seem to support dad when he corrects behavior which only seems to encourage them misbehaving and then running ti mom. Maybe the post should have been about parents supporting each other when it comes to expected behaviors in public.