Sunday, January 01, 2012

Here's to an even better 2012

Well, 2012 started off un shabbily. Hannabert slept before midnight (only to shortly awaken and stay awake until 3:12) and has slept for about 6hrs now. Hopefully this is foretelling the year to come and we can expect more sleep in 2012!

Horn and I really didn't hammer out any resolutions other than for the three of us to continue to be happy and healthy. I would like us to continue to job search and potentially for Horn to use company funds to go back to school.

For Hannabert I am sure there will be many milestones to achieve (please let sleeping more than 6hrs at a time be one of them) including walking and talking.

For our families, we hope they continue in good health; some counsins in the works for Hannabert would we swell. We also hope that our parents are able to relax a bit more this year and be able to spend some time enjoying their new status of grandparents.

See, nothing too grand for the new hyear, just continued happiness and love.

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