Monday, February 13, 2012

HTH or My relationship with PIS is ending.

For the last 7 months, I have carried my pump with me to work daily. Only twice did I forget parts/pieces. I am really proud of that.

For the first 6 months, I pumped 4x a day (thank you 29 usc 207 r 1) for about 25 minutes each time. This past month I have struggled with dropping minutes from each pumping session and dropping a session. Come Monday, my right to take a break as needed ends. I will still pump during my lunch hour for the time being.

Despite the challenges that Hannabert and I encountered on this breastfeeding/breastpumping journey, we made it a full year!

When I reflect back on Hannabert's arrival, stay in NICU, sleepy baby syndrome, lack of supply, and SNS usage, I didn't think that we would ever make it to this point.

As Hannabert plays on my old laptop where 2oz of SNS formula spilled and I was sure that we would never get it right. I admire and appeciate all those woman who embraced using a SNS during their enitre breastfeeding journey. I am humbled by those mothers that have shared their wealth of "liquid gold" through organizations such as "Eats on Feets" and I now know that I will have a resource available to me should I need to supplement with any future children. I thank The Leaky Boob, Dr. Jack Newman (who gave me the confidence to supplement with food rather than formula), and Kelly Mom for providing me resources and information during the days where I thought that I was a failure as a lactationer.

I apperciate the support and encouragement of the students and staff at the college where I teach; thank you a student in particular who was so encouraging in speaking of the benefits and how wonderful it is, especially considering the negative comments a classmate was making. I hope that our conversation in class and the fact I proudly carried my pumping equipment daily is encouraging and supporting to other new moms at the college.

Thank you to my little guy as I certainly would not have gotten to this point without his involvement and desire to continue nursing. I will always continue to love and nourish you and your soul even after our breastfeeding journey comes to a close. You awe me and amaze me and while I cannot wait to see the man you will one day become, I will enjoy each and every moment I hold you close and snuggled in my arms. I love you, ba'y.

To my wonderful husband- words cannot describe how supportive you have been. When I struggled with supply, you went to the health food store and came home with bottles of supplements and herbs to use. You never complained when I needed to nurse or pump "right now". As we walked into work today, you still actively encouraged me to pump for as long as I needed and to take advantage of my last day of protection. Thank you for supporting me in my desire to breastfeed and thank you for supporting me everyday in all my pursuits.  I love you.

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