Thursday, March 15, 2012

Am I ready to wean? Is he?

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This week we are talking about WEANING. Any facet of weaning is welcome- full on stopping, night-weaning, weaning earlier than you expected or want. If it has to do with weaning, the post is welcome here.
Hannabert just turned one.  Our pediatrician is told us no more bottler (neglected to even ask if the little guy was still breastfeeding) which I think is wise...BUT Hannabert won't drink breastmilk from a sippy cup. Sure, he will take  a sip.  Then he will look at the cup as if IT has done something offensive and push it away. He drinks water, juice, lemonade (not us) in a sippy cup but he has decided the breastmilk is sacred and it either coming from the tap or from a bottle.
For me, it is surprising that it has been a year.  One year since his birth and one year since we started exclusively breastfeeding.  Our journey got off to a rocky start.  His blood sugar was low and they immediately started supplementing him with formula while he was in NICU.  I didn't get to meet him for 12 hours and the "boob fairy" never visited me.
The first few weeks, we used a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) with formula but Hannabert quickly figured out that he didn't  have to do any work if he spit out my nipple and just sucked on the straw.  Horn and my sister picked up all sorts of galactagogues and books for me to figure out why it wasn't going as well as I envisioned.  Then, it just clicked.
I pumped 4x a day at work for Hannabert.  As the end of his first year approached, I weaned myself off of the pump.  I still pump during lunch but I am struggling with whether or not I should continue with pumping  or end being tied to a pump and just continue breastfeeding when I am with him.
As he gets more active and mobile, I can sense that he is gaining more interest in the world around him and less attached to nursing.  Yes, he still wants it (and certainly lets me know via the use of his teeth when he is NOT interested) and even demands it for comfort (which I love) when he is tired, overwhelmed, or upset.
I know that already I am part of a select group of women who not only managed to breastfeed past a year, has manged do so while working a full-time AND a part-time job.  I firmly believe that breastfeeding is how babies were intended to be nourished and that all women should at least try to breastfeed.  I think that breastfeeding to at least six months is realistic
I think that breastfeeding after 1 year needs to be normalized.  WHO recommends to at least 2 years (keep in mind that WHO is designed to work on health concerns of third world countries and advocating breastfeeding to two years probably has a lot to do with water quality and other safety concerns that might not exists in most parts of the United States) and I hope that Hannabert wants to nurse that long.   
As far a weaning goes, that is for Hannabert to decide.  I want to continue until Hannabert is ready to wean, I am just scared that he will be ready before I am ready.


  1. That's also what I am afraid of, LOL. I don't think I am ready yet and really really hope Makayla is not ready anytime soon either. Love your blog by the way!

  2. Mari A - Thanks for liking my blog. I have been enjoying finding my voice as a mom :)