Friday, April 13, 2012

Cranky Nights and Mornings

Wow - time is flying by.  Hannabert turned 14 months this week and has cut three new teeth on the top and is working on the fourth.  This has made for some cranky nights/mornings.
Plus, I have had a schedule adjustment at work which has required me to arrive 6 hrs earlier than I usually do which means Hannabert hasn't been getting the kind of morning sleep he is used to having...which has made for some cranky mornings.
We spent Easter with Horn's parents and sister.  It was a pretty good weekend except for that this was when the teeth were emerging.  Hannabert was cranky, stuffed up, coughing, drooling, and uncomfortable.  He and I napped on Sunday afternoon while Horn did his sister's taxes (adult sister).  I woke, refreshed but Hannabert didn't want to go to his crib to finish sleeping so I brought him downstairs with me.
Horn's mom said that she would rock him so I could start on our taxes.  I thought this was great!  I started taxes and then started hearing Hannabert's wails.  Thinking that it might be teething related, I went upstairs to find the door shut to his room.  I opened the door to find him sitting in the middle of the bed, sobbing and covered in snot and tears.  Horn's mom popped out of her bedroom and told me that he was tired and winding down and she had been listening to him cry for the last five minutes and he was fine.
I muttered under my breath that "we don't do this" and picked up Hannabert and brought him downstairs with me.
I know she did CIO with her kids at SIX WEEKS but Horn and I have made it clear we don't parent that way.  I give some leeway to this when we are there if Hannabert is healthy and doesn't have a cold but he was clearly in pain and stuffed up.
Despite being 14 months, Hannabert is still very much a baby who needs snuggles and comfort when he isn't feeling well.  He doesn't deserve to be left in a crib.  It isn't a test of wills and it isn't manipulation, it is merely the need of one human being to be comforted by another.

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