Friday, May 11, 2012

I am not Mommy Enough for Everyone but I am Mommy enough for me

I am a new(ish) mommy, parenting a 15mth old.  From the moment Horn and I announced we were expecting, we started to get advice.  Advice from whether or not we needed a wipe warmer (didn't get one), what bottles to use (I had Horn pick ones that looked most like my nipples to avoid confusion), diaper brands (we use whatever but like Pampers consistently more than other brands; I still want to use more cloth), and whether or not formula is as good as breast milk (I fought tooth and nail with my body to use only breastmilk from week 2 until 5.5mths when we started homemade solids).

All the advice I ('cause no one ever really seemed to give any to Horn although he might have been not sharing the tips with me in order to help me maintain a calm presence) was well intended.  I don't believe that any mom's gave me advice with the intent to mess up Hannabert.  They simply gave me advice based on their own experiences and their own child(ren).

Nursing a baby on 8-11-2011

Nursing a toddler on 3-12-2012
I believe that all moms want what is best for their children.  

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog, too. ;) Great addition to the hop! We do all want what's best for our children, it's a shame that everyone can't see that. -Jessica