Friday, July 20, 2012

Music for Little Ones - Moonrise Lullaby

Hannabert was a recent winner in a giveaway (sponsored by Anktangle ) for a lullaby cd played by a harp!
Moonrise Lullaby is by Patricia Sereno.  It has 11 songs that are soothing and calming for anyone.  You can take a listen on her website or on itunes.

We received it while my parents were visiting from out of town and I immediately popped it into my dad's laptop (and subsequently haven't seen it since....) and I immediately felt myself to relax. It had the same effect on Hannabert, who actually took a rare and elusive nap!

Hannabert doesn't typically listen to Celt Harp (or classical) music very often.  From in utero, he has shown a preference for metal, specifically Iron Maiden.  I can't explain this as Horn and I are not huge metal heads.  In fact, I am an absolute musical dummy.  Shazam is my best friend kind of musical idiot.

We aren't planning on doing much in the way of Kids Radio so I am really glad that Hannabert likes this cd because, in all honesty, "Fear of the Dark" is getting a bit old.

I suggest that you check out Moonrise Lullaby  for a nice, soothing naptime - for you or your little one.

FTC Notice:  In theory, I was not compensated for this review but I did win this cd as part of a giveaway.  That said, I was actually going to buy it if I had not won it.