Friday, September 21, 2012

7 Takes - Vol. 3

--- 1 ---

GOOOOOOOO IRISH!  3-0!  Lets make it 4-0 this weekend!

--- 2 ---

Horn and I had a fabulous opportunity to attend a CLE on Adoption on Thursday.  Hopefully what we learned we can put to use in the near future (for family although I am certainly on board for ourselves).

--- 3 ---

I got to participate in a Volunteer Lawyer Project divorce clinic on Wednesday.

--- 4 ---

Because I got to do the clinic on Wednesday, I got to spend the afternoon with Hannabert.

--- 5 ---

Horn found out that he didn't get a job he wanted this morning which was really disappointing to him.  He said he was most disappointed that he spent all of last week getting fingerprinted and a new birth certificate...and that getting these items required him to wake up early and miss out on snuggle time with Hannabert.

--- 6 ---

I (finally) received my custom robot fabric from Spoonflower!  I was disappointed in how it washed. It turned more grey than navy but will still be great for Hannabert's backpack!

--- 7 ---
Hannabert (eventually) slept in his crib last night and woke up nice a cheerful!  He hates to be in his crib (of course he likes sleeping with us but equally like sleeping on a big bed by himself) so when Horn put him down in his crib sometime this morning (after sleep alone in a big bed), he didn't immediately stiffen and slept for another 7 hours.  It was a win.

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