Thursday, September 13, 2012

Freebies for Celebrities

On Facebook Today there was diaper "commercial" involving a celebrity who is pregnant and how this diaper company was providing her free diapers.

I have this response:

Dear Diaper Company:

Rather than provide a celebrity (who has money to spend) with free diapers, why not make a donation to a charity that provides diapers to those in need.

As the manufacturer of diapers, I am sure you are aware that they are costly. WIC, SNAP, and other publicly funded assistance programs do not cover diapers.  This has led many families to engage in the dangerous practice of reusing disposable diapers.

Please, rather than "give" a celebrity diapers, reach out to such organization such as The Diaper Bank or other charities could make much better use of these diapers.

Even better, while I know you business is disposable diapers, why not help a family in need by giving a donation that is much longer lasting:  donate cloth diapers to any one of the number of organizations that provide cloth diapers to those that are in need.

Cloth diapers can be reused and easily cleaned.  Yes, easily cleaned.  If you don't believe me, hundreds of families participate in an annual diaper challenge to prove that cloth diapers are an inexpensive option for families on a limited budget.

Even better, you name brand is "trusted by doctors and mothers" (at least your commercials say that), mass market a brand a cloth diapers and make them readily accessible to consumers.

Just please don't promote the fact that  you are giving diapers to a celebrity. As a celebrity, use your popularity for helping those in need.

Consumer Mom

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