Friday, October 05, 2012

7 Takes - Vol. 5

--- 1 ---

Notre Dame has a bye week last week BUT we play Miami at Soldier Field tomorrow. Horn loves to talk about the Catholics vs. the Convicts. The games this year have been stellar and I always appreciate how wonderful ND players.  Their dedication to each other is what defines both them and their institution.

--- 2 ---

Good news!  I have someone who is interesting in seeing the video of Hannabert and the mysterious orb!

--- 3 ---

Hannabert, for the first time EVER, picked Horn over me last night.  I cried a bit.  I am the "go to" parent? I guess our toddler is truly growing up...growing up and becoming a college kid who wears underwear as a unitard.
Doesn't he look proud!

--- 4 ---

Last night he asked for his "ucky tawl" (aka Ducky Towel).  He put the hood on his head and wore it like a cape.  It was so funny.  He then found a water spray bottle and we spent time spraying Horn.  I really enjoyed that.  Yep, it is really a chick but we still call it the Ducky Towel.

Duckman to the rescue!

--- 5 ---

I made crockpot oatmeal! Barely followed the recipe and used warm for 12 hrs or so.  It was great!  I added raisin and walnuts. We all loved it.  Horn and I had ours with a bit of Spelenda and Hannabert got his straight (and all over us as he is currently in a very independent phase).

--- 6 ---

DH is featured on my college's webpage!  He was interviewed as an example of an outstanding professor! Just click on the tab for Real Student Stories!

--- 7 ---
My sew swap item arrived from the incredible Lindsay! It is my perfect go to bag for all my odds and ends that find their way into Hannabert's bag.  The colors are absolutely delicious!

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