Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Takes - Vol. 6

--- 1 ---

I took the advice of the Catholic Newlywed and spun for a saint for the Year of Faith. St. Hedwig will be my saint for the year.  While she had a happy life, I am a bit concerned as she is the patronage for Victims of Jealousy, Brides, Death Of Children, Difficult Marriages, Widows, none of these which I wish had... 

--- 2 ---

We (Hannabert) won a fantastic bike at the Midwest Outdoor Experience that we attended last week! We let him try a Strider Bike ('cause it was pretty much the only thing he could do as an almost 20mth old).  He liked it (not the helmet) so we entered a lottery to win it and got the call today that we did win!  YEAH!  Christmas present purchased!

--- 3 ---

I am loving Call the Midwife on 

--- 4 ---

We took Hannabert in to be examined for a lip/tongue tie. He had them both and we went a head and had them clipped (well, lasered). I thought that he had them but his ped. kept insisting he didn't. I am glad that we consulted a professional who knew what to look for. I should have followed my instinct but regardless, it is done now and I can already tell a difference.  Now, if anyone has a suggestion on how to get a 20mth old to comply with stretching exercises, I am open.

--- 5 ---

Horn had a promising meeting on Tuesday.  Please keep him in your prayers as we wait for an outcome.

--- 6 ---

I love the fact we purchases a stick vacuum at Aldi's.  Hannabert can now start earning his keep. Our bathroom has never been so clean

--- 7 ---
Somehow I found the time to make an awesome (if I saw so myself) backpack for Hannabert so he can be like the "big kids" at daycare.

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  1. #3.... RIGHT!? I am loving that show!!!! I actually had a freak out because I watched the first one online, then tried to see the 2nd one on pbs and somehow we don't pick up pbs at our house. Luckily they put the 2nd one online too, so I hope they keep that up!

    #4 My husband has a tongue tie that was never fixed, which I know means our children have a high chance of having a tongue tie too. Thanks for the info and good luck to your babe!

    1. PBS is planning on putting them online so I am completely stoked! The dentist said that tongue ties tend to run in the family, Hannabert's was worse than mine ( figured I might as well have him check me out). The key is finding a dr. who actually knows what to look for. Our ped kept saying he didn't have one so I am glad I found someone who really knew.

  2. I have always wanted to check out Call of the Midwife! So glad to hear that it's good. Maybe I'll do that tonight...

    As for the little stick vacuum, that is absolutely precious. My boys love to "help" around the house too. I think I need to keep an eye out for one of those ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. As I told my in-laws, our bathroom has never been so clean...