Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Takes - Vol. 7

--- 1 ---

Notre Dame was again victorious! Nail biter though...

--- 2 ---

We are taking Hannabert camping in a few hours.  I did have a schedule (out of the door by 10am!) but I figured, who cares what time we leave?  Isn't the point the journey and not the destination?

--- 3 ---

Had a physical today.  I picked a clinic that (correctly) I assumed has a lot of "experienced" patients due to its proximity (I will be honest, it is next door) to a senior citizen compound. I liked the doctor and she said I was her only patient who was nursing but that she nursed her first child until 18 mths or so.  It was nice to hear a doctor say that.

--- 4 ---

I am exhausted. Like fall on the floor exhausted and I never have enough time to do what I want to do...ever. Hannabert has nothing to do with this at all (well, perhaps our night owl child has SOMETHING to do with it...)

--- 5 ---

Part of packing for the camping trip resulted in Horn and I reading a lot of personal accounts of camping with toddlers.  I especially disliked the story that interviewed a doctor about camping with toddlers. A doctor's whose idea of camping was staying at a hotel.  No, really, his suggestion was to camp by going to a hotel and the writer took that comment and acted as if staying at a hotel was one way to camp.  It is not and I stopped reading that article.

--- 6 ---

We still don't know about any new job prospects. Lets keep praying that we find some.

--- 7 ---
This is the reason why I am not in a hurry to leave to go camping.  Let sleeping babies lie (plus, I am confident he is in a growth spurt so waking him results in him clinging like a barnacle around me neck which makes me even less productive than my already glaringly unproductive self.
Dada and mini-me asleep. Notice the nearly identical body positions and notice what a bed hog mini-me is...

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  1. How encouraging to hear a dr say she had nursed for so long. The picture of your guys sleeping is very cute.

  2. I was prepared for a bit of a defense (as the ped. wanted to know if I was trying to get on the cover at time when I mentioned I was still nursing at Hannabert's 15mth appointment). It was very reassuring!