Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Takes, Vol. 8 - Hannabert style

--- 1 ---
A tent, a toddler, a glow stick, a flashlight, and a blow-up mattress = mini rave

Tired Toddler after a midnight rave part in the tent
--- 2 ---
Don't trust parents that take you on the "moderate" nature trail that is located in The Chimneys picnic ground. I had to ask a stranger for help.
--- 3 ---
I like to take the trail less traveled.

--- 4 ---
Dad made a good call on using one of he last disposables mom brought. My diapers contained colors similar to these

--- 5 ---
Road trips with toddler don't require many dollar store purchases or a dvd player. For me, they require the opportunity to expend some energy at a playground or a travel center. And some "Fear of the Dark" on CD.

Happy, go lucky 

--- 6 ---
As usual, Cosby Campground had plenty of spots available. We were at Site B44. I only tried to escape the tent once.
--- 7 ---
GOOOOOO IRISH! Beat the Okies!
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  1. Moderate trails are no joke!!!

    1. I know. I apparently completely skipped over the "moderate" tag or at least felt that perhaps "moderate" nature trails were classes differently from regular hiking trails. It was actually pretty challenging. Lucky for Hannabert, he took a liking to an absolute stranger who was amendable to providing him assistance. We were also amendable to carrying him but alas, he didn't trust us to have his best interest at heart as we selected the trail in the first place...

  2. I'm impressed you took a little one camping! you just earned some super mom points! I also wanted to respond to your comment directly but couldn't find you email... :)

    Re: money matters--John and I have been married almost 10 years and we've always struggled with discussing money. We have different approaches to money and handling it, we have different ways of spending too. Sometimes we do well in how we work together and sometimes we really, really fail. I just wanted to let you know that we don't have it all figured out and I'm so sorry if I came off like we handle money matters perfectly. So UNtrue! It's been a painful process, one we're still working on! :) Bless you!

  3. Oh my...camping. Good for you! I'm too scared of bugs to deal with nature. :(