Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hannabert's Backpack

UPDATE: This is my prideful post as indicated on Camp Patton in June 2013!

As the kids at daycare headed back to school, Hannabert became upset that they all had backpack hanging on the hooks by the door.

As he is a little guy, I quickly scoured the world-wide web for backpack patterns.  I found a great one from indietutes and decided it would be the one I would make.  I new I wanted to use robots for the fabric and with my schedule, I never seemed to be able to get to the fabric store.  I solved my issue with a purchase form Spoonflower.

Spoonflower had tons of robot prints so after looking, I decided on Rocket 'n Robots for the front, Robot Chevron for the flap, and Rocketstripe Navy for the back. The front and back fabric was designed by leanne and the chevron is by robyriker. Based on a facebook inquiry, I went with the linen-cotton canvas.  

It did fade alot with the pre-wash but I like that it added to the vintage look.


I printed the PDF of the pattern at work but didn't check it so unfortunately, it printed on both sides so I had to recopy the back piece onto a blank piece of paper at home (well, not blank but a recipe for something that I probably won't make).

The instructions were pretty good.  Rather than use interfacing, I decided to line the backpack with fabric left over my the sew swap shrug that I made.  I liked the way it made the bag a bit stiffer.

After cutting the pieces out, I sewed them right side to right side.

The robot print was a bit larger than I was expecting it to be so I picked the center robot to be featured on the front of the pack with careful pattern placement (first time I have ever done that).

Putting the pack together was pretty easy (even with my fake pattern piece).

I did change one part of the instructions by sewing the straps a bit differently.  I sewed the straps by wrapping them around the back piece from the right side to the wrong side to reinforce them.

The hardest part for me was to do the side pieces (measurement is key and I would recommend NOT sewing it into a loop until the majority of it is sewn to the front or face this:
I spent a ton of time trying to get the loop just right; hen I got it connected to the front, the back needed adjustment (and then the fold was too thick for my needle to go through it). Eventually it all got put together.

I have to say it is super cute.

Catching Hannabert to try it on him and then get him to sit still for a photo op was about as easy as trying to get the side loop to work.
standing on cast iron pots

Action shot

Paparazzi step back! 

Captured by Dad for a photo op

It is absolutely the perfect size bag for someone of his size.  I hope he gets that it is a place for him to use for his treasures.

I would definitely make this again.

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