Monday, October 08, 2012

Sew Swap Linky with The Little Willow Tree

Sew Swap

This was the first time that I have participated in an anything swap.  It was sponsored by Ashely from The Little Willow Tree.  She has a great blog and a very cool etsy shop.

Lindsay from Two Bobbins sent me a great, perfect for everything bag as my sew swap partner.

I had to unearth my sewing machine from the creepy basement in our new rental and haul it upstairs.  I was looking for the perfect excuse to take over our dining room table.  As my partner (Kyle) was a coffee lover, I went with the coffee cozy idea. I used polar fleece (scraps from a project at my place of employment for Project Linus which I actually didn't work on but my dear husband, Horn did).

 Unfortunately, the tension on the machine didn't seem to be quite right so version is in my car for MY trips.  I went back to the drawing table and redid the cozy.

I wasn't sure what I was suppose to send or how much I was suppose to send so I decided to sew quick shrug (the pattern that I was going to make for my bridesmaids but ran out of time).  There are a number of patterns on the internet for similar shrugs (in case you don't have a library with the book).

The shrug can easily be adjusted by adding some darts and the sleeve are a nice length to provide some warmth.  The pattern was easy to follow.

I shipped it off and then it was misdirected by the post office...but it DID arrive.

Many people participated in this creative journey and I really want to do another swap sometime in the future.

Update:  I used the original cozy while at work today:

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