Monday, October 22, 2012

What I Wore Sunday (vol. 1)

Fine Linen and Purple is hosting a new link-up: What I Wore Sunday.  I am hoping that it motivates me to get out to mass.

We actually didn't go to church.  We haven't been good about going to church at all lately which is a source of frustration for me. It is hard to make the 11AM mass and hard to make the 6PM mass. It is a source of contention.

What we did do on Sunday was wake up in a tent in the Great Smoky Mountains.  We spent the weekend camping, a much much much needed break from realty.

We didn't shower, didn't brush our teeth, or do much more than splash water on our faces.  Yes, there were flush toilets and running water.

This is me at the BoJangles in Pigeon Forge when we were filling up with gas before we headed back to Ohio.  I am wearing a Hannabert in a Boba carrier on my back; a wonderful long-sleeved t-shirt from Sam's (I literally own one in each color); a pair of denim capri's from Kohls, and a pair of Keens.

Yes, I am as tired as I look.  Hannabert is cutting his canines which meant he didn't sleep at all which meant I didn't sleep at all.  Not sleeping in a tent is not fun.


  1. Hey, I lived in Dayton for 4 years, what Parish do you try to attend? I'd love to help you out, as a mama, I know it's hard to get to Mass, and let alone feel like your putting your best foot forward..
    Anyway, I'd like to help you find a parish home and a routine to keep you going!!

  2. We attend Immaculate Conception. They have a Sat 4:30, Sunday 11AM and 6pm. We like the 6pm the most (rock-n-roll mass). Distance wise, we are closest to St. Anthony. I think a lot of the problems we have is priority. That and we work 2nd shift so our child is used to a late night schedule which makes 11am early.