Friday, November 09, 2012

7 Takes - Vol. 10

--- 1 ---

While I am not a Chicago Bears fan, I think that Charles Tillman is wonderful. He is putting his family first, despite criticism from sports commentators.  Da' Bears!

--- 2 ---
I lost three pounds from my initial doctor's visit to my actual physical today. I also know that my initial visit (which consisted of me providing the office with a list of vitamins/supplements, a weight check, blood pressure check, and a listen to the good old chest) was really expensive but as our employer incorrectly provided us information which has resulted in extreme expensive to us (they admitted the mistake but wouldn't let us change the selection) I did not care as we apparently are extremely healthy (YEAH!) and have only used 900 dollars towards our 2600 deductible.

--- 3 ---
Hannabert insisted that I put him in a cloth diaper on Tuesday. Apparently his preference is to poop in cloth only. Yeah for me. He hasn't been in one since and consequently, has not pooped.

--- 4 ---
I appreciated my Creighton teacher finding humor in Hannabert's behavior during our last appointment. Not only did he keep running out into the office, he also announced in list loud toddler voice, "I Pooped!" Yes he was wearing a cloth diaper but no this wasn't the poop of later that day. He also says, "I Pooped!" when he wants attention or pees.
--- 5 ---
Horn and I are provisional voters. I really hate it when the news predicts winners as soon as the pools close. I wish there was nothing on TV until after ALL pools close. Plus, as someone who case a provisional ballot, my vote hasn't been counted yet. That said, I am glad that I live in a country where I have the right to vote. By the way, recording my DL number was not overly burdensome, even with a toddler and a husband who was sugar crashing after waiting 2.5 hrs to early vote.  As an FYI, the documentation needed to prove residency in Ohio to update your driver's license is much much more burdensom.

--- 6 ---
As an FYI to all Ohio residents, you MUST update your address with the DMV within 10 days of moving. You do NOT NOT NOT have to get a new driver's license. You can even update your address online

When you update your addres in person, the registrar should ask if you want to update your election registration. When you say, "Of course! Voting is a fundamental obligation of a citizen!" they SHOULD provide you with a form that you sign and send into your local Board of Elections. We are provisional voters because the BMV did not give us the form.

--- 7 ---
Please continue to pray for Horn and I as our current company undergoes major restructuring. Specificially, we are hoping to find positions where we only have to work one job each and that we are able to work during the same hours so perhaps we can actually spend time as a family.

Extra Special:  Go IRISH! It was a tough win and we are chalking it up to the fact that we weren't faithful to our cloth diaper ritual. Seriously, there was almost a drive to Horn's parent's house to get forgotten rally diapers. Hey, it is only a superstiton when it doesn' t work...
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  1. Praying for you about #7! Are you both working for the same company, but differing hours?

    1. We work for the same company with the same hours (2:30pm to 11pm). We both work part-time in the morning (differing days of the week). Ideally we would be able to work hours between 8am and 7pm (not the entire time but similar hours between that range) and each only HAVE to work one job.

  2. I'm just so happy your elections are (mostly) over. I can now start to concentrate on ours.