Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Takes, Vol. 11 - 3 weeks in the making

--- 1 ---
ND #1! Horn and I were actually there for the Wake Forest win and huddled around a TV in Powell, TN for the USC win. We now play at "the Ship" in Miami. Horn said he would support me in a trip to watch a BCS Championship Game. Tickets are, however, a bit out of my reach...
ND Football Fans finding out Kansas and  Oregon Lost.
--- 2 ---
Thanksgiving went better than expected. By this I mean, the kids and spouses all got along.

Hannabert is extremely lucky to have such great Aunts/uncles. Aunt/Uncle B & B are pregnant and expecting in May and Aunt/Uncle J&J are in the process of adopting!  They got plenty of good experience with Hannabert.

I can paint!

Helping Uncle B put in ice, piece by piece into the cooler
--- 3 ---
Horn started a new job! The offer couldn't have come at a better time and he loves it so far (we are on Day 5). I am incredibly proud.

He has to wear a suit every day!

--- 4 ---
Hannabert is adjusting to his new schedule (daycare from 630a to 5pm) better than I am dealing with not seeing him as my schedule has me teaching from 8am to 1pm and then working from 230pm to 11pm. Luckily for the next few weeks I can work a "normal" schedule on M/F. In the mornings while Horn is getting ready, I get baby snuggles.

Lying across the bed...

--- 5 ---
With Horn at a new job, I got to get Indian take-out for supper! YEAH! Bummer: I forgot to bring leftovers for the last two days.
--- 6 ---
I am still in the job market. Anyone hiring in Dayton/Cincinnati? Or suggestions on how to improve my marketability?

--- 7 ---
With Horn working normal hours, he and Hannabert will actually be able to eat a normal time..together! I guess I shall start learning how to slow cook. I made ginger ale pot roast and they had it as a: soup and over biscuits. Now that I have linked to the recipe, I realize the reason why they had soup on night 1 was because I forgot the gravy. I did add veggies to the slow cooker.
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  1. Congrats on your husband's new job!!!! I love the slow cooker.