Friday, November 02, 2012

7 Takes - Vol. 9

--- 1 ---
Big win! Both the IRISH and the fact that we made it to church this week!
--- 2 ---
Horn and I were able to rearrange our schedule to take Hannabert on our first Trick or Treating. In our area of Ohio, they do "Beggar's Night." It was cold and rainy.
--- 3 ---
Who doesn't like a teddy bear?

--- 4 ---
I have decided to take my first contested divorce. The case was suppose to be an uncontested dissolution but dad wants custody. I like it when both parents want to be involved.

--- 5 ---
Horn and I are going to watch ND vs. Wake Forest Game! We don't have a place to stay yet and we might need to give Hannabert up for the weekend..

--- 6 ---

I have my Creighton Class tomorrow. I really wish we would have done NFP from the beginning of our marriage. Birth Control really only hides symptoms.
--- 7 ---
I am participating in a Mug Swap and perhaps a recipe exchange! Now if I only could find a cookie exchange...
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