Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Takes - Vol. 13 Pre-Christmas Edition

--- 1 ---

I am very thankful that I have in-laws that love Hannabert nearly as much as Horn and I do. Mom in-law is watching him while I attend "Advanced Trial Techniques" CLE. I am pretty sure she dropped everything to spend the day with him.

--- 2 ---

I am even more thankful that they let him play and that Horn and I are ok with messes.  Otherwise I wouldn't have received these pictures of him decorating his hair with green icing.

--- 3 ---

The green icing was from a Rice Krispy House kit. Mom wanted to make cookies and gingerbread houses with Hannabert but wisely, dad suggested the perhaps the gingerbread house was a bit advanced for a 22 mth old. She was so excited about baking with him, I went ahead and picked up the kit.

--- 4 ---

Each year, Ohio requires 1/2 of the attorneys to report.  In even years, M to Z report and in odd years, A to L report. My CLE (20 people) only has 1 other nonreporter in it. All of the attorneys know each other. I am also only 1 of 3 females taking the class. It is suppose to be an advanced class on trial techniques but so far I have found it completely understanable. I completely enjoy the NBI classes. PS I am slightly concerned that the current presenter is suggesting that attorneys bring printers with them to the counsel table during trial...It is apparently less yieldly than bringing copies with you...

--- 5 ---

Horn and I managed to get packed for Christmas and even remembered to bring Hannabert's clothing.  Hannabert actually helped us pack his suitcase. This consisted of him throwing random items into the suitcase as fast as Horn and I could rescue them. It was incredibly cute.

--- 6 ---

I was heartbroken to read that Russia is no longer allowing US adoptions. There are 100s of thousand children waiting for forever families. Please remember pray for this ban to be lifted.

--- 7 ---
As a side note, I am know stalking (not really but she writes on a special interest of mine) my cubicle mate's fiancee.  Not literally but she writes a highly entertaining blog on crazy cookbook recipes.  Please check it out. I KNOW my mom has some of these in her repitoire (or is is repertoire?).

Final Note Please remember to find time to pause and pray that God continues to touch your life and the lives around you. Stop into a church, attend mass, spend time meditating, celebrate the solstice, or just be with loved ones and enjoy their presence. If you aren't near loved ones, stop in and visit at a nursing home or a hospital. Don't wait to show others you care. Merry Christmas. 

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