Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Takes - Vol. 14 Post Christmas

--- 1 ---

Each Christmas Eve, my MIL's family gets together and usually the day after Christmas my FIL's Family gets together.  Even though they all (with the exception THREE cousins and their families) all live in the same town, this is pretty much the only time they get together as a group. Hannabert was the star attraction and amazed "my" cousins with his adventurous taste: spinach/artichoke dip, cranberry nut salad, and whatever else he ate that they, as adults, will not eat. Plus he was sporting a t-shirt with a fake tie and Santa diapers.

--- 2 ---

I made jalapeno poppers off of Pinterest and was confident that they were going to be a PinterestFail that I took pictures.
Cream Cheese and jalapeno mixture

Cut the triangles of crescent dough in half

Fresh out o the oven for SIL to taste

I am almost disappointed that they turned out well. Which they did. Even with canned peppers rather than fresh.  Thanks for FIL for bringing me surgical gloves to wear while chopping the peppers. That said, no one in Horn's families likes spicy things. They were, however, all gone when I reemerged later in the evening from my virus induced chills.

--- 3 ---

Yep, I got sick on Christmas Eve with an intense, bed shaking, 10 blankets necessary, virus of unknown origins. It remained with me for 2, long, cold days. I didn't make it to Midnight Mass (conveniently held at 10pm).

--- 4 ---

Hannabert is crazy cool. Look at the video.

--- 5 ---

One strange note, all of a sudden, I started reacting to my wedding ring. Across the top of my finger where the ring belongs is a oozing red line. Not cool, although, if it scars, it will be a permanent wedding ring I guess...

--- 6 ---

I was really excited to sleep in our own bed last night (until Hannabert work up around 4am). More exciting was that I got baby/toddler snuggles which I didn't get at all over Christmas (too much to see! too much to do!).

--- 7 ---
As 2013 is peeping around the corner, please remember the special 2013 intentions that Pope Benedict will be praying in your prayers

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  1. Those diapers are hilarious! So sorry you spent Christmas sick, but I'm glad to hear you're on the mend now :). Your son and my cat could be playmates with laser toys!

  2. I think this is the Christmas where EVERYONE got sick. Most of the Quick Takes seem to involve someone with the flu.

  3. That video is hilariously adorable! Love it!