Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Takes - Volume 12

--- 1 ---
First and foremost, my prayers are with the victims of the Newton School shooting. I cannot imagine and I never hope to know the anguish these families are feeling.

--- 2 ---
This makes me even more anxious to see Hannabert and hug Horn when we get home tonight.

--- 3 ---
I am looking forward to the Heart to Heart Sling Share at Corinth Church tomorrow morning.

--- 4 ---
I just learned the position that I didn't get at work might have been a good thing - I don't know if I would want to spend 6 weeks at a time over sees doing training to representatives that will be replacing my current co-workers (and of course, I would hate to leave Horn and Hannabert for that long).

--- 5 ---
I am still interested in pursing new opportunities. Anyone need my combination of law license, research skills, and administrative skills?

--- 6 ---
Best kid.Ever

--- 7 ---

Enjoyed freaking out some students who were collecting canned goods. They threw trash down the storm drain. I told them I appreciated their service and I would refrain from calling their school and reporting their illegal activities.

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