Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Takes, Yr 2013 - Vol. 2

--- 1 ---

HALO SleepSack SwaddleChange Diaper Pad Covers

We didn't have this gem when Hannabert was little. It would have made diaper changes a lot easier.  Of course, we could have always just used this.

--- 2 ---

To regain control of my ethics class, I have instituted a new rule for my talky-talkers: You may only speak when holding the Talking Fish (well, not exactly like this but this store has a very cute pattern). Class was very smooth.

--- 3 ---
Despite our diaper ritual, The Shirt wearing, and good mojo thoughts, alas, my (husband's) Mighty Irish failed to win the BCS championship game.
Playing like a champion

Played like a champion, sleep like a champion.
Plum Crazy for Cloth Custom Diaper - did not have the desired results but the diaper is great!

Colley Matrix still believes in us.

--- 4 ---

The team believes in itself. The worked hard. They played hard. The fans loved them. They love each other.  The fans will love them next season.

--- 5 ---

In line of how the game ended, we have started introducing Hannabert to "The Potty." Because we both shudder at the thought of spending $30 on a chair, we went to IKEA, where, for a mere $5, we were able to purchase the NEW potty chair.So new, it isn't even on their website!

--- 6 ---

Hannabert has not used said potty but he did poop on the floor which had an IKEA rug on it.

--- 7 ---
Last ND posting.  I met Jeff Samardzija at a bar a few years ago (no, not the time we almost got into an altercation with Jimmy Claussen). I even had my picture taken with him (despite my incredible crush on Tim Zbikowski). 

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  1. #2: I've done similar things with Sunday school and youth group.

    1. Works well does it not? I am looking forward to using it again this week.