Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Takes, Yr. 2013, Vol. 3

--- 1 ---

Hmmmm. Hannabert can escape his crib...when motivated. This happens when he is suppose to be napping or sleeping. He swings open the door and announces, "Hi, how are you?" I love it.

--- 2 ---

Hannabert has been really...interactive. He and his dad met me for lunch yesterday. He helped the staff at the restaurant clean up the floor.
Toddler Planking

Always on the move

Nicely putting back the chips he tried to steal

He LOVES the "mirror" on my phone

--- 3 ---

There was tons of internet reporting that companies had been fined thousands of dollars due to violations of . This isn't actually the case because the provisions of 29 usc 207 (r) do not allow for fines BUT my FOIA request has finally arrived and there have been a number of enforcement actions.

--- 4 ---

I am working insanely early this morning so I can attend a work party with Horn tonight. As in I left last night at 11pm and I am here at 7am. Ugh.

--- 5 ---

As a legal researcher, I do not understand why people get quotation marks and parentheses confused. And then insist that they have used the correct one when I know for a fact that they have not.

--- 6 ---

I am amused that so many people are wedded to the idea of multiple ultrasounds during pregnancy. It is like they forget that they have only been common place for that last 30 years.

--- 7 ---
I feel really lost with Horn not working with me anymore. I feel even more lost that I go almost an entire week without seeing him other than 5 minutes before he heads out the door. I am thankful that I usually get a chance to see Hannabert on Monday and Friday mornings. Here is to finding a new job so I can participate in family life once again.

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  1. Hope you find a job more conducive to family life soon!!

  2. Ultrasound was the new "cool" technology when my mother was pregnant with my brother and me. At four months, they were joking that they heard two heartbeats. At eight months, they definitely heard the second one and scheduled her for the ultrasound. Apparently, they weren't expecting me to be there. They had to acquire a second set of everything really quickly.

    1. I hate how expected it is that you have an ultrasound and determine the sex of the baby. Actually I am a bit bitter that my OB let it slip that we were having a boy because we didn't want to know.

    2. ultrasound? did I miss a recent announcement or are you talking about Hannabert?

    3. Hannabert - I had very nearly weekly ones (I was a TAD bit overmanaged).

  3. how super cute your little one is
    come see me at