Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Takes, 2013, Vol. 5

--- 1 ---

What? A Lenten Giveaway? By Broken Fiat has one!

--- 2 ---

Hannabert and I have mono. His is compounded by bilateral ear infections that antibiotics can't treat because his lymph nodes are too large to allow drainage. It has been a painful few weeks. Any suggestions on how to help?
Less than 1 hr prior to meltdown, screaming pain

At Urgent Care

Post diagnosis
--- 3 ---

Hannabert turned 2! Check out his birthday cake video. Listen to him beg for a fork.

--- 4 ---

I am switching to a morning shift! After 7 years of working evenings, the opportunity arouse for a morning slot and I decided to take it. I am really excited to have family time and more "normal" hours.

--- 5 ---

In other work news, I am having a tough time at work. It has been an ongoing issue with my supervisor and my "tone" and facial expression. It has been really tough and I am really frustrated by it. Having the last two days off has made it better.

--- 6 ---

Valentine's Day! Was the first time in a LONG time (maybe 7 yrs?) that Horn and I got to spend it together (with Hannabert this year). We ate at EO Burgers where I got an alcoholic custard milkshake. It was delicious. Hannabert did a good job on his kiddie burger (actually 2 sliders) and really really enjoyed his kiddie custard ice cream. He was exceptionally well behaved and even broke into dancing when Fall Out Boy "Sugar We're Going Down" came on the radio. It was pretty cute.

--- 7 ---
I am trying to decide on what kind of baby carrier to get my sister and her husband for their upcoming baby.  Any suggestions?

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  1. 2. Garlic oil for ear infections has worked wonders for us and it makes the kids smell like pizza :P

    7. I love our Mei Tai, even for the tiny newborn phase. They last longer that stretchy wraps, are more easily adjustable than more structured carriers, and are SUPER user-friendly for babywearing newbies!

    1. My sister is worried that baby will fall out of the mei tai but I think it will work well as she is 5'3" and her husband is over 6ft...

  2. I know that when I had chronic ear infections as a young child (ages 2-6), I would sleep with my head on a hot water bottle. It's something I even do now (I'll be 33 in a few months).

    I'm sorry you and Hannabert have mono -- that's not fair.