Thursday, February 28, 2013

7 Takes, 2013, Vol. 7

--- 1 ---

Monday, for the first time in SEVEN years, I will be working first shift at my primary job (legal research attorney). I am really excited that I will get to be at home with Horn and Hannabert most nights of the week (I am still teaching 2 days a week so I do my legal research thing after I am done with teaching).

--- 2 ---

I have an interview for a dream job position at the end of the month. I need to do a 10-minute teaching presentation. I am really nervous as I got back my first set of tests from my students this term and it is pretty evident that there is a HUGE gap in knowledge transfer.

--- 3 ---

While I don't know Pope Benedict resigned but I do not think he is abandoning the church. I couldn't help but remember where I was when I found out Pope John Paul II passed (Mexican Restaurant).

--- 4 ---

I am excited for the conclave and have adopted my cardinal (Cardinal Bertone) and selected my fantasy pick (Cardinal John Tong Hong).

--- 5 ---

Hannabert and I had mono flare-ups this week. His tonsils swollen and my ulva was this insane shade of red. I decided that I needed a throat spray and decided on a herbal one. It seems to be doing ok although I think perhaps the alcohol base is just making me less caring about the pain in the throat.

--- 6 ---
This is how I get thinks done when Hannabert and I am doing time together...The draw string worked really well

 --- 7 ---
Hannabert was disappointed that my apron (that I was wearing while I painstakingly made him "eggs in the hole" that he prompted eschewed in favor of a pouch) didn't have sleeves for his arms. You can see the disappointment on his face.  He also refused to take off his shirt (which was wet after an ill-fated attempt at taking a shower with me where the water was too cold and too hot) .

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  1. Isn't the fantasy pick awesome?! I don't think my pick (Cardinal Napier) will win, but it was still fun choosing.

    1. yeah, my fantasy pick has no chance at all! But it was fun to get to know and root on a dark horse!