Thursday, March 14, 2013

7 Takes, 2013, Vol. 9

--- 1 ---
Dear Google:
Change can be productive in a relationship but baby, you are changing too quickly for me.  First, you decide to do away with iGoogle and try to tell me that Chrome has many of the same features (liar!). Now you are telling me that Google Reader just isn't working for you.  What about me?  It works very well for me! You are only giving me FOUR months notice (at least with iGoogle you have spent the last year warning me).  You already ended our Google Friend Connect with some of my non blogger blog friends. Google, what is going on?  Are you having a "wig out stage" (as Horn likes to call it). I want you to be happy but I need to be happy in this relationship as well.  Can we talk about this? Call me, maybe.
Love, You loyal follower

--- 2 ---
I need to stop eating late at night. I have way to vivid dreams.  For instance, this morning (as I was slapping my snooze on my phone), I dreamt that I was at the local state university at a diversity fair. I was walking with someone and discussing one of the banners (similar above) when a pizza delivery man in a blue car with hydraulics was bouncing backwards and hit a black suv and me. I fell down and demanded the pizza delivery man call an ambulance even though I didn't think that I was hurt too bad, just bruised. I woke up about this time, and as I was lying in the bed, I thought to myself, "Hmm...maybe I should cancel my class this morning and call in sick, after all, I was just hit by a low rider." I then realized it was a dream (thankfully).

--- 3 ---
Hannabert spent the day with GmaB on Wednesday this week. Apparently they spent some time clogging to Irish music. He refused to demonstrate his skill to Horn. Likewise, he refuses to demonstrate that he can nap when he is with us but gifts GmaB with a THREE hour nap. Not fair little ba'y, not fair.

--- 4 ---
Easter always brings me memories of making Easter candy with my college roommate. It was always painful that we had given up sweets and yet we were charged with the making of 100s of peanut butter, butter cream, and coconut easter eggs. Now that I am in Ohio, I am all about the Papas Easter Candy. They are "local" to us and I only find their candy at this time of the year. The flavors make me happy and I don't have to make them although, as Hannabert gets older, I think that we will DEFINITELY start the tradition of making candy for Easter.

--- 5 ---
Ooops! Haven't said anything about Pope Francis! I did mention him yesterday. Horn graduated from a Jesuit high school and really excited to have a Jesuit Priest...but hat Jesuit would want to be confused for a Franciscan (according to him)?  Also, does anyone else not like the fact that some news media outlets are just calling him Francis?  Most world leaders are not just called their first name...

--- 6 ---
Stacy at Catholic & Crunchy wrote about budgeting and frugality and I am hoping that Horn and I can have a discussion on that topic this weekend. I have the primary responsibility for finances and it is causing me a great deal of stress. Horn's parents brought us to a Dave Ramsey seminar a few years ago and I think that we need to get back on that train.

--7 ---
Do you think it is helpful or harmful to put your complete financial self out there?

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  1. Thanks for sharing Catholic & Crunchy. It is le awesome!

  2. I'm excited for the new pope too! There's so many firsts with this guy that I can't help but think he's going to do awesome things. He seems really likeable and approachable.

    I too am fustrated with the news media, although Card. Dolan explained doctrine vx discipline to CBS really well. Sorry, peeps, some things just aint' gonna change!

    1. I thought Card. Dolan's explanation was great! I can't wait to see his awesomeness in action. I have read that a bunch of people are concerned he will "take back" the permissions for Latin Rite Masses though.

  3. Love the Easter candy too! My favorite are the Cadbury cream eggs and off course Peeps! And yay Pope Francis, i am still so excited about it all!

    1. I do love the Cadbury cream eggs but they are now available year around which makes them less attractive to me.

  4. Stacy at Catholic & Crunchy is one of my fellow crazy cat ladies. :)

    I was greatly distressed at the news that Google Reader was disappearing, especially as I was finally used to it after having given up on Bloglines. I've moved everything over to Bloglovin'.

    1. I have to add BlogLovin' to my blog but I am really upset that it is going away. Google is changing too much too quickly for my liking.