Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Takes, 2013, Vol. 12

--- 1 ---

Hannabert had surgery last Friday. He was very dramatic about NOT wearing the surgical gown. In fact he outright refused and even under anesthesia, they were unable to get him dressed. He was all about the diaper only. No need for a blanket. The nurse was shocked.  He also did NOT like the iv.

--- 2 ---
I did not get the position that I so badly wanted. Unfortunately, I found out on our anniversary. 

--- 3 ---

For our 4th Anniversary of being married (10 yrs together - yep, got married on the anniversary of our first date), we returned to the fancy restaurant and enjoyed dinner with Hannabert and Horn. It was wonderful.

--- 4 ---

So our definition of "vigorous activity" and the surgeon's definition of vigorous activity differed. We thought that avoiding the playground would be sufficient.  We were wrong as Hannabert developed an infection on Sunday and had a fever of great than 102 (after being treated with Acetaminophen). He didn't realize he was sick but was...less enthusiastic than usual.

--- 5 ---

A priest from our church gave him the Anointing of the Sick.  When he said 

May the blessing of almighty God,
the Father, and the Son, + and the Holy Spirit,
come upon you and remain with you for ever

Hannabert responded with a "Wow!" in an awed tone.

--- 6 ---

No fun pictures this week, just tons of Hannabert's healing

Apparently a funnel and a hooded sweatshirt assist in healing. 

--- 7 ---
My team did "team building" on Wednesday (which consisted of us working quietly at our desk for the first 4 hrs) which involved an afternoon activity of visiting the Dayton Art Institute.  I developed a scavenger hunt to test the artistic talents of my team. The results were beyond humorous. See below

Homage to Painting taken by dcbprime

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Themes with Clan Donaldson - BOYS

Linking with Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday

Funny how 20 years significantly changes the word "boys" from someone that I once "ohhed" and "ahhed" over to....someone that I "ohh" and "ahhh" over.  But in such a different way.

I had the pleasure of Hannabert's company this morning as my morning class was rescheduled. As Hannabert is having surgery tomorrow, I wanted to make sure I got my toddler snuggles so I didn't reschedule my day at all.

When Horn left for work, I went into the guest/Hannabert's room and got ba'y snuggles until he barely woke-up, asked to nurse each side (for literally second), smacked his lips, and said, "ummmm, delicious!"

We watched a bit of cars before it was time to start the day with macaroni and cheese and plum squeeze pouches.  We did the dishes.  He helped by standing in the dishwasher and randomly throwing clean dishes onto the very not so clean floor.

He then spied his rain boots and insisted on wearing them so I put on mismatched socks as I have no clue where any clean matching socks are at the moment. He headed to the door where he aggressively removed all the magnets from the door. I had him pick them up before opening the door, he sporting his awesome white Volvo sunglasses (courtsey of Horn's trip to the Detroit Auto Show) and me sporting some great sunglasses from Big Lots.?"

He immediately saw the stroller and jumped into it. He provided me turn by turn directions by pointing with his finger and saying "here."  Then he caught sight of the roller/ice rink at the park and asked  for "bike?"

Conveniently, we keep the bike and his helmet in the back of my car so I fetched the bike and helmet and reparked the stroller on our porch.

Once he was all hot and sweaty, we attempted to leave but he wanted a photo shoot. I was happy to obliged.

After making it home, clothing change was in order and Hannabert, tired as I know he was, proceeded to pretend to be asleep in his room

I figured it would be a great day for a Mommy and Hannabert lunch date, but alas, he fell asleep 1 block from our house. 

As an aside, Horn brought him to the park yesterday. Horn said, "Clearly it is spring as the teenage hormones visible in the air." Hannabert said, "What are you doing?" The two teenagers, engaged in "tonsil hockey" immediately sprung apart.  Horn said they were very circumspect the entire time he and Hannabert were at the park. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What! I get a shout out! and other fun information

North Meets South mentioned ME on the blog today for my suggestion of Quinoa Pizza bites!

If you haven't had these bites, they are good. The recipe is versatile - we changed up the cheese and skipped the basil and pepperoni in favor of chopped salsa peppers (which are definitely way more spicy than I would have imagined).

Check out North Meets South for some other great recipes!

In other news, Hannabert's second year molars are arriving (top only). He was a bit "restless" (inconsolable after his bath) so Horn took him downstairs to play a video game (not my husband but a fairly close approximation). Because I am proud of his PlayStation prowess  I linked his PlayStation account to his Facebook page so everyone can see how well he plays and congratulate him on his trophies.

After playing for a bit, they came upstairs to go to bed and I hear this conversation:

Hannabert: "Nemo?" which is his way of asking to watch "Finding Nemo."
Horn:"No buddy, it's time for bed." Hannabert: "Stories?" which is his way of asking to watch some of Shelly Duval's Bedtime Stories (LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! Wish they made more of them).
Horn: "Time to lay down."
Hannabert: wah grumble wah
Hannabert: "Blanket?" asking to be covered up
Hannabert: "Come on Dada! Come on Dada!" asking Horn to lay down next to him and snuggle.
Snores from both.

Horn is a terrible snorer so we have been trying out various things and, for whatever reason, Valor Essential Oil by Young Living, rubbed on the bottom of his feet seems to be working. I snuck (or sneaked if you prefer more formal) into the room to apply and got my "ahhh" moment to see them snuggled together.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Takes, 2013, Vol. 11 - Daycare edition

Joining Grace while Jen is watching over JT

--- 1 ---

Our usual daycare provider needed the day off to take her daughter on a college visit! Cindy and her husband both attended this college so I am sure the day will have a lot of "wow! Look how different..." and "When I was a student..."

--- 2 ---

In 2 years of daycare, this is the first time with Back-up 1 (GmaB) and Back-up 2 (Watson Family) have been unable to take on the challenge that is Hannabert for the Day.  Lucky for us, we have a great referral organization that was able to provide us names of drop-in care. After calling around a bunch of places and realizing HOW MUCH Cindy undervalues herself and how difficult it is to find a place for a toddler.  We went with a large chain for the day. We are excited to see how he does in a structured environment....

--- 3 ---

After looking over the TWENTY-FIVE (25) page application/info sheets we had to fill out for ONE DAY of care, I was really thrilled that we used an in-home provider for Hannabert's infant care. I looked at the food sheet for infants and laughed.  As a provider center that takes federal/state subsididy vouchers, they have pretty strict requirements imposed by the USDA for what kind of food and how much a child can eat based on age. I can tell you right now, these guideline DO NOT work for Hannabert (or any other child that consumes breastmilk). I love that our provider had conversations with us on Hannabert's eating habits, expecially during our trying "he doesn't weigh enough conversations with our ped.) and supported our choices and even voiced concerns about HOW much food the dr wanted him to eat (which far far far exceeded the CACFP requirements).

We did hard cheese, coconut milk, and Greek yogurt at 5 mths...

--- 4 ---

CACFP guidelines only recommend breastmilk until 11mths...After a year, without a doctor's note, the child must consume cow's milk. We skipped cereal entirely and went straight to "real foods." Never would have happened in a traditional daycare setting. He wouldn't have been satisfied with 3tbs at a time of ANYTHING either.

First Food: watermelon juice but I was eating steamed beets and sweet potatoes at 5 mths and never looked back

--- 5 ---

Daycare is expense.

--- 6 ---

If your employer offers a FSA Dependent Care deduction, do it. You can put away around $5000 pre-tax to pay for qualifying childcare expenses. It will help you out more than taking the child care tax credit on your taxes. Or at least told me that...

--- 7 ---
I have to say, I am a tad bit nervous out the report we will get at the end of the day.  Maybe Hannabert isn't as remarkable as we think or maybe he isn't developmentally on track....nerves!

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Monday, April 08, 2013

7 Takes, 2013, Vol. 10 (Post Easter)

Linking up with Conversion Diary.

1. First, I thought I was done for it as I was suffering from my mono induced lower immunity and came down with a killer set of strep complete with 103 fever. Not pleasant was the weekend. See the improvement
Day 1

Day 3

Day 4

2. I heard Ms Jen was in the hospital awaiting the arrival of the newest Fulwiler and though, surely the 7 takes from Friday is done!

3. Hannabert is saying the darndest things as of late:
"Mommy Fail" in response to Horn dumping out an entire set of dvds.
"Where are we going?" in response to wherever we are that he doesn't want to be.
"Yes, please" when he thinks the please will get whatever it is that he wants that he was probably going to get any way.

4. Despite our best attempts at Hepar Sulph (which have dramatically shrunken his lymph nodes), we will probably still need to have them surgically removed.

5. I still haven't heard about the position for which I applied and interviewed a few weeks ago. Prayers?

6. Horn is awesome. I couldn't swallow for 4 days. I couldn't really get out of bed for 3 of those days. He really stepped in and performed over the top dad duties. I would love to say he ran Hannbert into sleep but alas that seems to be impossible. I do much appreciate how much fun they had together over the weekend.

7. Many prayers of thanksgiving for the fully fundedness of my brother and sister-in-laws adoption fund! YEAH!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hannabert - Mono edition

His lymph nodes in his neck are horribly swollen.  We are fairly confident that it is related to his bout of mono but as they were the size of my fingertips on 3/15 and blew up to the size of my chubby fingers by the next week (despite all blood work pointing to NORMAL).

Our ped (via the phone because I refused to go to the office to be told, "Yep! Still swollen!") referred us to a pediatric surgeon for a consult.  The surgeon feels they will need to be removed but in the meantime, we are doing a host of alternative treatment in hopes that they will disappear by the surgery date.

We will be doing an essential oil remedy using Young Living Essential Oils. We will mix up a batch of massage oil with 3 parts Cypress (I am actually using Blue Cypress) to 1 part Orange to 2 parts Grapefruit in a carrier oil (Vitamin E).  We will massage it over his neck and under his arms 2-3 times a day.  

We also have been taking him to see a cranial osteopathic doctor for a while. He had chronic congestion and would just get super sensitive whenever there was weather change.  When I say super sensitive, I mean he tossed and turned and fidgeted and looked like he was in an airplane that kept pressurizing and depressurizing. 

Someone on my local parenting board recommended that we see a osteopathic doctor to see if she could help. Literally night and day after his first treatment. First, he took a THREE hour nap. At subsequent visits he has always taken long naps afterwards. Second, his congestion improved immediately and he is visibly more comfortable during weather changes. 

Ironically she was recommended for us when Hannabert had problems breastfeeding originally.  I really wish I would have followed up then....ahhhh momma guilt.

I brought Horn with me today (as he has a horrible snoring problem) to see what happens and he was amazed at how relaxed Hannabert looked during the treatment. Just gentle pressure around the neck.  

We discussed his massively swollen lymph nodes and she recommended hepar sulph so we will start it tonight. I love that hepar sulph is best suited for people who "look as if they have been through a lot, and gratefully sink into the nearest chair."

To celebrate our successful appointment, we took Hannabert out to breakfast at First Watch where he asked for "juice" (V8) and pancakes (which he didn't eat). After getting bored with his "color paper" he tried to eat a packet of jelly. We told him they were for his pancakes.  He responded by saying, "Pannnnncakes, Where ARRRRRE you?" Oddly, they arrives soon after...

Upon arriving home and needing a change, Hannabert was kicking his feet and Horn said, "No feetsies!" and Hannabert responded with "Yes kicky the feet."

Ahhhh...such sweets sound of toddlerhood...