Monday, April 08, 2013

7 Takes, 2013, Vol. 10 (Post Easter)

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1. First, I thought I was done for it as I was suffering from my mono induced lower immunity and came down with a killer set of strep complete with 103 fever. Not pleasant was the weekend. See the improvement
Day 1

Day 3

Day 4

2. I heard Ms Jen was in the hospital awaiting the arrival of the newest Fulwiler and though, surely the 7 takes from Friday is done!

3. Hannabert is saying the darndest things as of late:
"Mommy Fail" in response to Horn dumping out an entire set of dvds.
"Where are we going?" in response to wherever we are that he doesn't want to be.
"Yes, please" when he thinks the please will get whatever it is that he wants that he was probably going to get any way.

4. Despite our best attempts at Hepar Sulph (which have dramatically shrunken his lymph nodes), we will probably still need to have them surgically removed.

5. I still haven't heard about the position for which I applied and interviewed a few weeks ago. Prayers?

6. Horn is awesome. I couldn't swallow for 4 days. I couldn't really get out of bed for 3 of those days. He really stepped in and performed over the top dad duties. I would love to say he ran Hannbert into sleep but alas that seems to be impossible. I do much appreciate how much fun they had together over the weekend.

7. Many prayers of thanksgiving for the fully fundedness of my brother and sister-in-laws adoption fund! YEAH!


  1. That is, like, AWESOME news about the adoption being fully funded.

    I hope you and Hannabert feel better, OK?

    1. Thanks! My throat is FINALLY on the mend. The adoption funding INCREDIBLE!