Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Takes, 2013, Vol. 11 - Daycare edition

Joining Grace while Jen is watching over JT

--- 1 ---

Our usual daycare provider needed the day off to take her daughter on a college visit! Cindy and her husband both attended this college so I am sure the day will have a lot of "wow! Look how different..." and "When I was a student..."

--- 2 ---

In 2 years of daycare, this is the first time with Back-up 1 (GmaB) and Back-up 2 (Watson Family) have been unable to take on the challenge that is Hannabert for the Day.  Lucky for us, we have a great referral organization that was able to provide us names of drop-in care. After calling around a bunch of places and realizing HOW MUCH Cindy undervalues herself and how difficult it is to find a place for a toddler.  We went with a large chain for the day. We are excited to see how he does in a structured environment....

--- 3 ---

After looking over the TWENTY-FIVE (25) page application/info sheets we had to fill out for ONE DAY of care, I was really thrilled that we used an in-home provider for Hannabert's infant care. I looked at the food sheet for infants and laughed.  As a provider center that takes federal/state subsididy vouchers, they have pretty strict requirements imposed by the USDA for what kind of food and how much a child can eat based on age. I can tell you right now, these guideline DO NOT work for Hannabert (or any other child that consumes breastmilk). I love that our provider had conversations with us on Hannabert's eating habits, expecially during our trying "he doesn't weigh enough conversations with our ped.) and supported our choices and even voiced concerns about HOW much food the dr wanted him to eat (which far far far exceeded the CACFP requirements).

We did hard cheese, coconut milk, and Greek yogurt at 5 mths...

--- 4 ---

CACFP guidelines only recommend breastmilk until 11mths...After a year, without a doctor's note, the child must consume cow's milk. We skipped cereal entirely and went straight to "real foods." Never would have happened in a traditional daycare setting. He wouldn't have been satisfied with 3tbs at a time of ANYTHING either.

First Food: watermelon juice but I was eating steamed beets and sweet potatoes at 5 mths and never looked back

--- 5 ---

Daycare is expense.

--- 6 ---

If your employer offers a FSA Dependent Care deduction, do it. You can put away around $5000 pre-tax to pay for qualifying childcare expenses. It will help you out more than taking the child care tax credit on your taxes. Or at least told me that...

--- 7 ---
I have to say, I am a tad bit nervous out the report we will get at the end of the day.  Maybe Hannabert isn't as remarkable as we think or maybe he isn't developmentally on track....nerves!

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  1. Daniel has a 50% developmental delay across the board so it's probably good we never did daycare with him. WIC was bad enough before we moved to northern California because the nutritionist didn't quite get that he wasn't at the stage where he could handle all the lovely nutritional interventions she wanted to try.

    1. I understand that completely. I hate the blind allegiance to "THIS IS WHAT THE BABY MUST EAT AT HIS AGE." Let them go at their own pace.