Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hannabert - Mono edition

His lymph nodes in his neck are horribly swollen.  We are fairly confident that it is related to his bout of mono but as they were the size of my fingertips on 3/15 and blew up to the size of my chubby fingers by the next week (despite all blood work pointing to NORMAL).

Our ped (via the phone because I refused to go to the office to be told, "Yep! Still swollen!") referred us to a pediatric surgeon for a consult.  The surgeon feels they will need to be removed but in the meantime, we are doing a host of alternative treatment in hopes that they will disappear by the surgery date.

We will be doing an essential oil remedy using Young Living Essential Oils. We will mix up a batch of massage oil with 3 parts Cypress (I am actually using Blue Cypress) to 1 part Orange to 2 parts Grapefruit in a carrier oil (Vitamin E).  We will massage it over his neck and under his arms 2-3 times a day.  

We also have been taking him to see a cranial osteopathic doctor for a while. He had chronic congestion and would just get super sensitive whenever there was weather change.  When I say super sensitive, I mean he tossed and turned and fidgeted and looked like he was in an airplane that kept pressurizing and depressurizing. 

Someone on my local parenting board recommended that we see a osteopathic doctor to see if she could help. Literally night and day after his first treatment. First, he took a THREE hour nap. At subsequent visits he has always taken long naps afterwards. Second, his congestion improved immediately and he is visibly more comfortable during weather changes. 

Ironically she was recommended for us when Hannabert had problems breastfeeding originally.  I really wish I would have followed up then....ahhhh momma guilt.

I brought Horn with me today (as he has a horrible snoring problem) to see what happens and he was amazed at how relaxed Hannabert looked during the treatment. Just gentle pressure around the neck.  

We discussed his massively swollen lymph nodes and she recommended hepar sulph so we will start it tonight. I love that hepar sulph is best suited for people who "look as if they have been through a lot, and gratefully sink into the nearest chair."

To celebrate our successful appointment, we took Hannabert out to breakfast at First Watch where he asked for "juice" (V8) and pancakes (which he didn't eat). After getting bored with his "color paper" he tried to eat a packet of jelly. We told him they were for his pancakes.  He responded by saying, "Pannnnncakes, Where ARRRRRE you?" Oddly, they arrives soon after...

Upon arriving home and needing a change, Hannabert was kicking his feet and Horn said, "No feetsies!" and Hannabert responded with "Yes kicky the feet."

Ahhhh...such sweets sound of toddlerhood...

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