Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Themes with Clan Donaldson - BOYS

Linking with Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday

Funny how 20 years significantly changes the word "boys" from someone that I once "ohhed" and "ahhed" over to....someone that I "ohh" and "ahhh" over.  But in such a different way.

I had the pleasure of Hannabert's company this morning as my morning class was rescheduled. As Hannabert is having surgery tomorrow, I wanted to make sure I got my toddler snuggles so I didn't reschedule my day at all.

When Horn left for work, I went into the guest/Hannabert's room and got ba'y snuggles until he barely woke-up, asked to nurse each side (for literally second), smacked his lips, and said, "ummmm, delicious!"

We watched a bit of cars before it was time to start the day with macaroni and cheese and plum squeeze pouches.  We did the dishes.  He helped by standing in the dishwasher and randomly throwing clean dishes onto the very not so clean floor.

He then spied his rain boots and insisted on wearing them so I put on mismatched socks as I have no clue where any clean matching socks are at the moment. He headed to the door where he aggressively removed all the magnets from the door. I had him pick them up before opening the door, he sporting his awesome white Volvo sunglasses (courtsey of Horn's trip to the Detroit Auto Show) and me sporting some great sunglasses from Big Lots.?"

He immediately saw the stroller and jumped into it. He provided me turn by turn directions by pointing with his finger and saying "here."  Then he caught sight of the roller/ice rink at the park and asked  for "bike?"

Conveniently, we keep the bike and his helmet in the back of my car so I fetched the bike and helmet and reparked the stroller on our porch.

Once he was all hot and sweaty, we attempted to leave but he wanted a photo shoot. I was happy to obliged.

After making it home, clothing change was in order and Hannabert, tired as I know he was, proceeded to pretend to be asleep in his room

I figured it would be a great day for a Mommy and Hannabert lunch date, but alas, he fell asleep 1 block from our house. 

As an aside, Horn brought him to the park yesterday. Horn said, "Clearly it is spring as the teenage hormones visible in the air." Hannabert said, "What are you doing?" The two teenagers, engaged in "tonsil hockey" immediately sprung apart.  Horn said they were very circumspect the entire time he and Hannabert were at the park. 

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