Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What! I get a shout out! and other fun information

North Meets South mentioned ME on the blog today for my suggestion of Quinoa Pizza bites!

If you haven't had these bites, they are good. The recipe is versatile - we changed up the cheese and skipped the basil and pepperoni in favor of chopped salsa peppers (which are definitely way more spicy than I would have imagined).

Check out North Meets South for some other great recipes!

In other news, Hannabert's second year molars are arriving (top only). He was a bit "restless" (inconsolable after his bath) so Horn took him downstairs to play a video game (not my husband but a fairly close approximation). Because I am proud of his PlayStation prowess  I linked his PlayStation account to his Facebook page so everyone can see how well he plays and congratulate him on his trophies.

After playing for a bit, they came upstairs to go to bed and I hear this conversation:

Hannabert: "Nemo?" which is his way of asking to watch "Finding Nemo."
Horn:"No buddy, it's time for bed." Hannabert: "Stories?" which is his way of asking to watch some of Shelly Duval's Bedtime Stories (LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! Wish they made more of them).
Horn: "Time to lay down."
Hannabert: wah grumble wah
Hannabert: "Blanket?" asking to be covered up
Hannabert: "Come on Dada! Come on Dada!" asking Horn to lay down next to him and snuggle.
Snores from both.

Horn is a terrible snorer so we have been trying out various things and, for whatever reason, Valor Essential Oil by Young Living, rubbed on the bottom of his feet seems to be working. I snuck (or sneaked if you prefer more formal) into the room to apply and got my "ahhh" moment to see them snuggled together.

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