Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Takes 2012 Part 16

Part of the "Who doesn't love Seven Thought" with Jen!

1.  It looks like Horn and I are buying a house.

2. Just after the interest rates took a bounce after being stagnant for a while.  Yippy Skippy!

3. Buying a house is scary.

4. My desire to buy really cheap and do a total renovation is completely tampered by the lack of time we have.

5. So you should "shop" for a loan but you shouldn't "shop too much" for a loan because then it looks like you are "loan shopping"?  Do I have that rigth?

6. I hate having to find a new church :(

7. On a non house post: We took Hannabert to his first baseball game. He enjoyed the ice cream and juice box that came with this "kiddie" meal. He especially loved playing with kids on the grassy knoll.
STILL having molar problems

Beautiful night

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