Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Takes, 2013 Part 14

--- 1 ---

Either people are not interested in leaving comments or I have seriously messed up the Google + comment feature.

--- 2 ---

These will NOT be matching Auntie and niece dresses. Yep, I am an auntie. Welcome to the world Emma Grace!

--- 3 ---

Hannabert: "MY PHONE"
Me: Ok.
Hannabert: Throws phone into the car door.

--- 4 ---

Went to a networking event at work. Decided I need real clothes to wear to work as appearance seems to display professionalism.  I typically wear capri pants and long sleeve t-shirts. I did NOT wear that to the event and it was a good thing.

--- 5 ---

Might finally be over my issues that surrounded Hannabert's birth. Actually, I think that I am.

--- 6 ---

Horn and I are deciding if we should buy a house and make a forever home. I feel we should spend money that typically would pay for a house like this

but that amount should give us a house that looks like this

--- 7 ---
I am most concerned about finding a new church family as we are really just kind of getting into our current church family.

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