Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Takes, 2013 Part 15

Hosted by Jen at ConversionDiary!

1. Finished 60+ hours of training on new information at work. I now can assisted you with dirt digging and creating prospect lists. Yes, I am a licensed attorney.

2. My trainer, who didn't know that German was in Europe, just got a new position within the company which meant our last 20 hours of training were a tad

3. Horn and I are still looking for a house. We are thinking we want a better school district than the initial place we were looking even though we really want Hannabert and his future siblings to attend single-sex private schools.

4. Boris, the mouse living in our house, assaulted Horn last night. He was most displeased. I am for live trapping and gentle release. He is for mass annihilation.

5. Hannabert accompanied me to the doctor to have my tonsils looked examined. They are coming out. Hannabert was great at the appointment (so much that he requested we go again this morning) so I decided to take him out to breakfast. He asked for some "cockey" at breakfast (I will admit I gave him a sip to which he responded "Spicy.").  At dinner he wanted some more so I made him some hot chocolate in our Keurig and went as far as to retrieve my favorite travel mug from the University of Notre Dame.

6.  Horn had a rough day at work yesterday.  Something with jury instructions and people not listening. Good thing I was more chipper than usual and didn't complain about anything upon walking into the house.

Minus the beer but we did have leftover pizza...

7.  Least of all, say a prayer for the soldiers and citizens that protect our freedoms.  As a child, my mom was township clerk and she had the responsibility of raising and lowering the flag for all holidays. We would attend a number of Memorial Day Observances in the local community. I highly encourage everyone to find a local observation and attend. The ceremony is always very moving and, unfortunately, there are less and less members of VFW to provide the ceremony.

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