Thursday, May 23, 2013

Win a New CAR! Actually an oven which might be better...

I am an avid follower of Grace at (like I spent last night awake thinking of awesome things Theo, Bash, and Julia could do so that she could blog about...)

I was super excited to see that she blogged about an amazing stove that does not require respiratory masks and home evacuation to clean.  So motivated that I wrote this blog just to gain an additional entry.

Look! Look! (as my equally cute child Hannabert might say).

Gas lines! LG has you covered.  Electric? No problem!

What? Not impressed because many oven come in either variety. I hear you loud and clear but let me through this at  you - how many stoves do you know that only take 3 steps to clean?

Convection! Infrared! Quick Boil! Weak in the knees am I.

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