Friday, June 07, 2013

7 Takes, Toddler Tactics

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1. Back molars are awful. Hannabert either sobs and complains that his "mouf hurts" or literally uses us as trampolines.

2. After staying awake ALL NIGHT LONG. By all night I mean he sleeps until 2am and then is awake until 7am.  On Wednesday night he and I watched the following movies:

3. By the time Horn woke up to go to work (6:30am) I had spent 22 hrs awake. Hannabert and I had a heart to heart:
     Me: Why don't you love me?
     H:    CARS!
    Me:  I am desperate for sleep. Please can you snuggle and try to sleep?
    H:    No Snuggles! No Snuggles! No Snuggles! No Snuggles! No Snuggles! No Snuggles! No Snuggles!
   Me:   "Eli Eli lama sabachthani?"

4. I finally fell asleep (for 2.3 hours - totally skipped the shower) to find this guy next to me:
Getting him dressed to go to daycare was as easy as dressing a piece of cooked spaghetti.  Upon being dropped off at daycare, he slept for the next 1.5 hrs and then took another nap.  

     4.5 I actually donated blood at work yesterday just to get a 30 minute nap.  Is that wrong?

5. Horn took ba'y duties last night. Guess who was asleep in bed by 10pm?  Yes, they both where. Guess who crawled into bed at 9pm and fell asleep watching a episode of Psych on our tablet?  Me!

6. I am really wishing that I would have purchased a teether made for molars.  It is evident that Hannabert needs them as he chews on the droppers from his teething medication like it is going out of style. 

7.  Horn and I were blessed with 2.25 yrs without those "blow out" diapers of which we had heard so much...These molars have introduced us to the concept in full force. 

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  1. #3: I shouldn't laugh because I've totally had these moments. I can't say, however, that my response has been breaking out the Aramaic from Psalm 22 and the Gospels. :)

    #4: I totally think giving blood in order to get a nap is legit.