Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Takes, Vol. 2013, Part 18 - Hannabert's Morning Protest

Joining Jen at Conversion Diary (because I may never write anything unless I join in a link-up.)

1. When Horn's alarm went off for what felt like the 100th time this morning, I decided to make my across-the-hall trek to Hannabert's sleeping space (note that I did not say HIS room for he won't actually sleep in his room as he prefers the guest room with the larger bed for toddler acrobatic performances). The door was met with resistence. It was early and I was sleepy so I forced my way into the room to discovered that said toddler was physically blocking the door by sleeping in front of it.

2. He was sans diaper. I can only imagine that the diaper was his attempt at protest of the indignity of being left alone.

3. Said diaper, abandoned on the floor, was dry. I didn't bother to check the floor, bed, walls to see if they had been territory targets.

4. In stead, we did this:

Still no diaper on - it was a wild and crazy of me I know

That is arm, not boob. It was hard taking a selfy this morning
5. I managed to get the diaper on him by the time I loaded him into the car but no clothing. I am trashy mother of the year for ROUTINELY bringing him to daycare in semi-states of undress.  As in pretty much every day that it is my responsibility to get him to daycare I can nearly guarantee that he will not be fully dressed.

6. The only way I was able to get a diaper on him this morning was feeding him:
nothing says YUM like berry flavored fish oil!
I used to feel kind of guilty about him eating  but we call them candy and it keeps him happy so I can shower
I don't care if you judge. He has strong bones and a well developed brain.

7. Hannbert cried all the way to daycare, in between requests for

Itsy Bitsy Spider (free download!) by Sean Kelly of The Samples.

PS. Grandma cancelled her surgery as she "felt better" but my bff from law school (besides the hubby)'s father just had a QUAD hernia operation this morning.  Prayers are needed from him to RELAX and heal.


  1. Absolutely no judgement here. I'm the mom of a toddler and I totally get it.

  2. This post had me dying of laughter!!! And yeah, I totally thought it was a boob, but I wasn't going to judge!

    1. I saw the picture and said, "totally looks like boob."