Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Blog History - Link up with Grace

Grace is celebrating her blogiversary and is having a link up to celebrate our own blogs!

My favorite post might be the one where I showed the steps to make his toddler sized "packback."

I figured I would join along and then I discovered that I have been on Blogger since 2004...and I have only 122 posts to show for it when I look at my blogger profile although when I view my blog I can see older ones... .  I am wondering where the first 8 years of posts went...

While I ponder the missing years of my life (I am guessing they weren't too interesting), I want to reflect on the last few years of blogging. I have done a lot of the 7 Takes and a few Natural Parenting Carnivals but I feel like I don't have a "fit" as a blogger.

Although Catholic, I don't feel like I make it enough to Mass to take my place with Catholic Mom Bloggers. While I subscribe to many ideals of Attached Parenting, I work outside the home so I don't feel like I fit quite in with the mommy bloggers out there.

I don't feel like I am home enough to have endless witty things to write about when it comes to Hananbert's developing independence.

So, while I do not know what "kind" of blogger I might be, I know that having a blog allows me to look back and see where we as a family have traveled together on our family journey.


  1. Yeah... not entirely sure what I am either and I've been at this for almost 13 years!

  2. I know what you mean about not having a blogging "niche," especially in this era of crafty, hipster, stay-at-home mamas. I'm trying to forget about appealing to an audience and be myself; I think that being myself will attract more people to me than trying to fit a certain mold or playing to an audience. And if not, well, at least I'm blogging about what I like!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!